Safarini Translator App Reviews

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If it worked...

The app just doesn't work. It can handle a few very basic phrases (I love you, hello)but doesn't translate anything helpful; it just duplicates what you've entered in the translation section, untranslated. Even if it couldn't do syntax and grammar yet and gave me a butchered word by word literal translation I could try to guess the meaning. (I'm really glad this exists and don't want to discourage the developer; I'm sure it's very hard to build a dictionary database, but as it is now, I don't think it should've been released. It doesn't work yet. It should be in alpha testing still, not public. Please stick with it though!)

Don't waste your money

This app us a waste of time & money if you are looking for Luganda translation- it just renters the text you enter in the the 'translation' field, without translating... And in the 'common phrases' section, only two phrases are actually translated. The two most common phrases that anyone could learn their first day in Uganda. Don't buy!

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